Asset Management

Roadway Asset Management

Our comprehensive pavement asset management program involves field inspection covering each of the municipally-owned roadways and capturing multiple roadway feature attributes. Attribute data is analyzed, collated and presented in a non-proprietary GIS-based application that summarizes condition and priority. An appropriate remediation program for roadways and sidewalks is developed and a multi-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is generated to determine the community’s budgetary needs to keep its roadway network in a state of good repair.


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WorldTech Engineering Asset Management

Traffic Sign Asset Management

Traffic signs are a valuable community asset that ensures public safety and conveys important information. The Federal Highway Administration requires that all traffic signs follow the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). WorldTech is leading the way to keep municipalities in conformance with the latest Federal mandates and local ordinances. By using non-proprietary software coupled with a comprehensive data collection and analysis program WorldTech’s approach to Traffic Sign Asset Management is efficient, effective and economical.

Capital Planning

Budgetary constraints and limited fiscal resources demand sound capital planning. WorldTech engineers and planners provide innovative solutions to ensure transportation infrastructure assets are maintained and are consistent with the community’s capital appropriations and priorities. Developing a multi-year Capital Improvement Program (CIP) makes certain that every dollar spent is spent wisely and at the right time.

Traffic Signal Asset Management

Community-wide traffic signal inventories provide an opportunity to improve traffic operations at low cost or identify where capital investments should be made. WorldTech provides a unique approach that expands beyond simply collecting equipment information, but rather capturing operational data that provides a three-tiered approach to safety and operational improvements, often at minimal cost to the community.


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