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Highway Engineering

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Traffic Calming
Engineering Services During Construction

*We are currently updating our project portfolio.

Roadway and Highway Design

Projects often require a wide array of engineering expertise. WorldTech offers a full portfolio of engineering and design services that achieve results for any project, large or small. Our design teams are knowledgeable, experienced, and empowered to think “outside the box.” WorldTech roadway designs enhance transportation infrastructure and create a “sense of place”.

Complete Streets, Traffic Calming, Roadway Design

Traffic Calming

All roadway design projects are unique and can present many challenges as well as opportunities. Being equipped with the right design tools ensures successful projects. Traffic calming features can be an effective, efficient and safe alternative to conventional traffic controls. WorldTech has implemented traffic calming features such as roundabouts, raised table intersections, bump-outs, illuminated signage, textured crosswalks, road narrowing and other measures into many
of our projects.

Engineering Services During Construction

Building your project is where it all comes together. Effective and experienced resident engineering, inspection and contract administration is the best strategy to ensure a successful project outcome. WorldTech offers complete construction phase services, including bid phase assistance, resident engineering and inspection, and value engineering as well as a full selection of contract administration services.


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