Traffic Signal Design

Our experience also includes a wide range of signalized intersection improvements from simple to complex, including inductive loop, video, and microwave detection, emergency vehicle and transit preemption, and pedestrian signal design incorporating the latest MUTCD and ADA requirements. WorldTech uses the latest available traffic software and have the experience and know-how to properly evaluate the results to reflect real world conditions.

*We are currently updating our project portfolio.


Functional Design Reports & Corridor Studies

Functional design reports and corridor studies are the basis of any transportation infrastructure improvement project. WorldTech engineers, technicians and designers organize systematic approach to analyze and understand vehicle capacity, level of service, traffic operations, pedestrian and bicycle activity, accident occurrences and overall roadway and intersection functionality. We have the experience, capability and knowhow that result in developing solutions that work.

Road Safety Audits

Road Safety Audits are an effective way to improve roadway safety and operations; and often at very low cost. Our traffic engineers and technicians specialize in the requirements to effectively conduct RSA’s. The RSA can identify low cost recommendations to improve traffic safety and operations or may be the basis for more substantive improvements and a preliminary design.

Traffic Impact & Access Studies

Traffic Impact and Access Studies present a comprehensive understanding of the traffic impacts linked to development projects. Our reviews ensure connectivity with the community’s existing infrastructure and identify opportunities for the developer that incorporates features that will enhance the project and such as pedestrian safety, bicycle accommodation and transit options, including raised and/or textured crosswalks, signage, and or other features. WorldTech’s skillful and thorough approach in reviewing roadways design, streetscapes, traffic signals, and transit facilities validate that any mitigation program is fair, effective and beneficial to the development and the community.

Peer Reviews and Expert Testimony

WorldTech’s value-add approach to project reviews guarantee that the community’s interests are safeguarded and ensure that development projects move efficiently through the permitting process. This approach makes certain that the improvements comply with the applicable standards and are consistent with best practices for urban design, pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, and with the community’s own standards and Complete Streets policies.


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